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2020 year, issue 1

Contents, 2020 year, issue 1

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Changes in the Yevpatoria coastal zone in the last 100 years
Goryachkin Yu. N.
Changes in topography of the coastal zone of the Bakalskaya Spit from 2018 to 2019
Rudnev V. I., Divinskiy B. V., Kosyan R. D.
Results of coastal zone dynamics and beach sediments granulometric composition monitoring in the central part of the Kalamitsky Gulf
Gurov K. I.
Comprehensive studies of geodynamic activity in local territories of the Azov and Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Region and versions of extreme situation forecast
Podymov I. S., Podymova T. M., Esin N. V.
Annual variability of the wave regime in the deep zone of the Black Sea
Voronina N. N., Zapevalov A. S.
Waters circulation in the northern part of the Black Sea in summer –winter of 2018
Artamonov Yu. V., Skripaleva E. A., Fedirko A. V., Shutov S. А., Derjushkin D. V., Shapovalov R. O., Shapovalov Yu. I., Shcherbachenko, S. V.
Complex application of ray and wave approaches to sound field calculations in a narrow waveguide on the Black Sea shelf
Lisyutin V. A., Lastovenko O. R., Yaroshenko A. A.
Comprehensive research of the environmental status of coastal waters of Sevastopol (Western Crimea, Black Sea)
Ryabushko V. I., Shchurov S. V., Kovrigina N. P., Lisitskaya E. V.,Pospelova N. V.
The current state of malacofauna at soft bottoms in the Kazachya Bay head (the Black Sea)
Makarov M. V.

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