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Guidelines of submission, review and publication of scientific articles


Guidelines of submission, review and publication of scientific articles

The Editorial Board accepts the article for consideration only if it meets the required article layout guidelines.

  1. All articles, submitted for publication, are reviewed on a mandatory basis by qualified experts on the article subject. The Editorial Board sends a copy of a review or a reasoned refusal to the authors of submitted materials.
  2. The Editorial Board carries out an internal reviewing. For this aim a reviewer from the Editorial Board staff is appointed to perform a supplementary examination of an article. The time for a manuscript reviewing is up to two weeks.
  3. Internal reviewing results are considered at a meeting of the Editorial Board. If a positive response from the reviewer is obtained, an article can be accepted for publication by the decision of the Editorial Board. In case of conflicting opinions on the manuscript under discussion, it may be submitted to another specialist for an additional review. The final right on rejection, sending back for revision or acceptance of article manuscript for publication rests with the Editorial Board.
  4. The Editorial Board is obliged to inform the author of the decision within no more than 3 months from the date of the manuscript receipt. A copy of the review (if it is negative or contains critical comments) should be attached at that. Reviewer’s last name may be communicated to the author only with the consent of the reviewer.
  5. If the corrected version of the article manuscript has significant changes, it is sent for re-review. In case of a positive response, it is introduced for the Editorial Board consideration again. In case of another negative response, a reasoned refusal of publication is sent to the author.
  6. Original reviews should be kept in the editorial for 5 years from the date of the article under review publishing in the Journal.
  7. When publishing the articles, the dates of their receipt by the editorial are given. In case of making amendments suggested by the reviewer or the Editorial Board, the date of receipt of the article manuscript corrected variant is given.
  8. The manuscripts of unpublished articles are not sent back to the authors.